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How To Use SEO Data to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

By Jacqueline Hickey, Media Analytics Executive 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to a website through search engine results. It is important to learn about your companies’ SEO data because it can help you learn about your target audience and your competitors. Learning about your target audience and competition can help you create a more effective social media strategy in order to accomplish your goals.

 To begin using your SEO data to improve upon your social media strategy you should:

Learn what keywords users are associating with your brand/company!

Using programs such as Moz or Google Keyword Planner, you can discover how users are searching for your company. Moz provides data about the most frequent search queries related to your company. Understanding these keywords helps you understand what the audience wants and is looking for. Once you discover these keywords, you can use the words to target your audience and cater to their needs in your social media and add overall business value. With constant social media updates using certain keywords that cater to their needs, users will begin to recognize your brand and it will drive more traffic to your web page. This can increase your brand awareness and achieve your social media strategy goals. 

Set up alerts on various social media platforms!

Setting up alerts on various social media platforms allows you to see what users are discussing in regards to your company and your industry. Alerts such as your companies’ name, your competitors, the industry you are in, and the services/products you offer will help you monitor engagement with your company and industry. When users are discussing your company or industry, you also should engage with the users in relevant conversations. This helps you remain aware of what is happening online with your company/industry and it also helps build relationships with your target audience. Strong relationships with your target audience means that your audience will be more willing to do word of mouth marketing for your company. 

Learn about and from your competitors! 

Another tool, SE Ranking, allows you to examine your competition and their social media content. You can use this data to see what users are engaging with to improve your own content, therefore, improving your social media strategy. By analyzing their content and engagement, you can find what audiences are looking for and what is driving their engagement. 

According to media analysts at Borrel, SEO spending will reach over $80 billion annually by 2020. More and more companies are realizing the benefits and values there are in investing and learning about SEO. It is important to invest in SEO and other social media analyzing tools because higher search rankings give your business credibility. According to Main Street ROI, most web users focus solely on organic search results, or what shows up first on Google searches. When someone is doing research and looking up a product or service, they are much more likely to be pre-sold on your business if you rank high in the search engine results. Having a high ranking means that Google and other searchers have found your website relevant which can, in turn, build trust and authority for your business.

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