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The Power of Words in an Era of Imagery: “Just Do It”

By Susie Moore, Account Executive

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Advancements in photography, video, motion graphics, and visual effects make brands stand out and grab our attention, but it is the words beneath the visuals that make the impact. It only took three words, Just Do It, for a brand to motivate and inspire an entire generation of athletes.

The ubiquitous nature of social media in today’s world has changed the way brands communicate with their audience. People connect with brands that feel human, so the relationship between a brand and a consumer on social media has to have feeling behind it. However, many believe this social media conversation only exists in images and videos. I am here to argue the opposite.

Over two millennia ago, Aristotle proposed the theory of rhetoric, language as an instrument for persuasion. Aristotle claims that persuasive speech embodies three elements: logos, ethos, and pathos. In the world of social media, these ancient principles still apply. Consumers are drawn to brands that they understand (logos), trust (ethos), and feel passionate about (pathos).

Think about the brand Nike. Nike is number 14 on Forbes’ list of The World’s Most Valuable Brands. Why? Because Nike uses social media to communicate their values, empower a generation, and build brand loyalty. Nike’s “Dream Crazier” campaign connects with its audience on a human level. The video’s narrative, “show them what crazy dreams can do,” tells a relatable story of female athletes breaking traditional barriers. The message is clear, genuine, and emotional, incorporating all three of Aristotle’s elements.

In communications, the ability to use multiple mediums is invaluable. “Dream Crazier” is so powerful because it blends imagery with words. The ability to use words to create a powerful narrative is how brands create content that resonates with their audience. Nike’s three simple words had the power to connect an entire generation with a brand. How will you employ the power of words?

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