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The Role of Media Analytics in the NBA

Written By Carter Horan, Media Analytics Executive

Over the past few decades, media analytics have become increasingly important and relevant across all sports. New developments in data technology have completely transformed the way sports are played and perceived by the world. Specifically, the game of basketball has undergone drastic changes in such a short period of time due to the integration of data analytics.

Analytics are now used in almost every aspect of the NBA (National Basketball Association), including individual player stats, a team's win-loss record, team stats, etc. Teams also use analytics to strategize against other teams by crunching large data sets on the opposing defenders. They determine where success is valued against various offensive sets or plays, such as three-pointers, midrange jumpers, or driving to the basket. Teams then take that information to isolate a player who is good in one area against a defender who isn’t. The flipside is true, as well. Teams attempt to get their defenders on a specific player, particularly in critical situations, if that defender has a statistically better chance of preventing a score. This is just one of the numerous ways that media analytics can be applied to the NBA.

Statistical analysis isn’t confined to the NBA; scouts also use all types of data and statistics to help figure out who they will draft from the college level. For example, In Anthony Edwards' only year at Georgia University, he led in several statistical categories and was drafted first in the 2020-2021 draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Overall, media analytics has become more relevant in sports and continues to become more important each and every year.


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