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Imprint Talent Readiness

Emerging Leaders Program Ebook


Imprint’s goal in the Fall of 2020 was to grow awareness for their new program, the Vistage Emerging Leadership Program (ELP). To do this, we needed to educate potential candidates on what the program was about, including demonstrating the goals of the program and sharing the experiences of members already in the program. We also needed to increase engagement on Imprint’s LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.


Content Creation

Graphic Design

Strategic Communications


Digital Marketing

Social Media

Research and Analytics

Competitor Analysis

Performance Insights



Research is the first step to any great campaign, so we conducted a competitive analysis report to see what other organizations like Imprint were up to. Then throughout the semester, Live Oak created an ebook and infographic about the Emerging Leaders Program to inform potential candidates what it was and how it could help them. We also assisted Imprint in writing LinkedIn their captions to captivate audiences, wrote them a video script, and completed a LinkedIn Boost Report as well as an Analytics Target Analysis.



Over the course of the semester, Imprint’s LinkedIn followers increased by 7.8%, the average number of likes increased by 18.3%, and the average number of shares increased by 18.8%. Imprint was also able to recruit more leaders to join the January 2021 ELP cohort, thanks to the new ebook and infographic.

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