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Boost Your Creativity When Design Inspiration is Running Low

By Dan Severance, Creative Content Producer

There comes a point in every graphic designer’s life, whether professional or recreational, where he or she experiences some sort of stagnation on a design project. No matter the process, there are moments where those creative juices are not flowing and an inspirational boost is necessary. Apply the following strategies and tricks into your routine, and you may be able to turn that creative dam to an endless flow of inspiration.


In a design situation, two heads are definitely better than one. Reach out to another designer and have him or her brainstorm ideas with you and give critiques on a current project. Your fellow artists can provide a whole different perspective and potentially provide feedback that you may have overlooked. Engaging in this collaboration can stimulate new creative directions and expand your own repertoire of inspiration for future projects.

Use Applications, Websites and Software to Your Advantage

In this age of technological innovation, there are endless outlets within the digital world that can benefit a graphic designer struggling to find inspiration. Create mood boards on Pinterest and further develop a theme or concept. Take photos using Adobe Capture and make HEX code color schemes to incorporate into a project. Even just scrolling through Google images can stimulate some creative thinking. New software is constantly being created and available right at your fingertips, so get scrolling. Watch this video to learn more on ‘Adobe Capture’

Take a Break, Come Back to it

Spending hours on a project without any breaks can slow your creative drive overtime. Allowing the opportunity to fully disconnect and relax can leave your mind more refreshed and recharged when you come back to it. In addition, you will often notice different things about your project that you hadn’t previously seen. Don’t sweat it, just take a break!

Change Your Location

Just a change of scenery or location can dramatically influence your mindset. Think about it – you wouldn’t study for a test at a party, or party in a place of study. The same aspects apply to creativity. Changing your location can alter for your creative mindset and ensure creative success, so make sure you are strategic about where you work.

Travel. Explore. Experience.

To create design pieces for the world, you must experience the world. Much of the content that is developed by graphic designers comes from their experiences throughout life. A designer’s work style is a reflection of their individual’s perspective on the world. So why not expand that perspective? Book a trip to a different country, explore a new culture, or try some new activities outside of your traditional routine. Engaging in these experiences can add a new page into your mental creative inventory. Design is everywhere, so do not limit yourself from experiences because that experience could be your next source of design inspiration.

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