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How McDonalds Grabbed the Attention of Millions

By Nolan Pizzi, Account Executive

Have you ever wondered how McDonalds is able to have one of the largest target audiences in all of marketing? They are able to connect to so many people around the world by creating different types of campaigns and commercials. They catch the eyes of their audience and they, in a sense, implant their branding image in their minds.

Healthy and cheap food that is welcoming to all is what McDonalds wants to portray to its audience. They have done Super Bowl commercials, created toys for children, and they also have partnered with celebrities to help promote their services. Recently they have partnered with the recent hip hop star, Travis Scott.

McDonalds is promoting the Travis Scott Meal, which is a quarter pounder with bacon, a large Fry with barbecue sauce, and a medium sprite. This has helped McDonalds strike gold with reaching their target audience. They have sold so many meals, that locations have begun to run out of certain ingredients. 

Just by partnering with a major celebrity, McDonalds was able to make a simple meal so popular in the eyes of thousands of people. Anybody can add bacon to a quarter pounder at any point, but the fact that it is called the Travis Scott Meal spikes an interest in adolescents around the US.

In addition, this promotion has spiked a new Tik Tok trend as well. When you go to the drive thru, instead of saying you want the Travis Scott meal, you just blast the song “Sicko Mode” into the intercom. Although it might annoy the employees, kids around the U.S. have been doing this challenge for the past month.

It is so interesting to see how just one small campaign can cause such a ripple effect on a business and the world in general.

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