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AmeriCorps Seniors Alamance County

Rebranding Awareness

Kicking off Fall 2020 with a total rebrand, the Alamance County chapter of AmeriCorps Seniors sought our help with reestablishing its name in the local community. We were tasked with communicating chapter initiatives, goals, and services while developing a relationship between the chapter and the national AmeriCorps brand.


Content Creation
Graphic Design

Strategic Communications
Public Relations
Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing
Social Media
Brand Awareness

Research & Analytics
Industry Analysis


One of our main priorities for AmeriCorps Seniors Alamance County was to create a brand presence across all platforms, so we wrote brand standards to align the chapter’s style with that of the national brand and to ensure consistency across all chapter communications and other materials. Additionally, we established a social media presence, redesigned the chapter’s newsletter, and created promotional materials that articulate the chapter’s goals, services, and programs.


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