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Why media analytics is so important and becoming more prevalent in creating effective PR strategy.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Written By: Account Executive, Roberta Marsh

The interesting thing about strategic communications and the ideation and implementation of strategic planning is that they are constantly evolving. The phase the industry has currently evolved to is the implementation of media analytics in strategy. These tactics are carefully measured and based off calculated data and insights gathered by media analytics professionals. These metrics have become instrumental to effective communications strategies and campaigns. Targeted posts, search engine optimization, and tags are all examples of how media analytics is becoming increasingly relevant in creating a more strategic plan and effort.

In an interview with Clark Buckner, the host of the TechnologyAdvice Expert Series, Cision senior social media manager Stacey Miller said, “The great thing about marketing and PR software tools is that once you’ve identified your target audience, understand who they are and what they talk about, you can create effective, tailored communications that will make them feel like you’re still having one-to-one conversations with them” (

Remaining current is invaluable, but it becomes especially relevant when following new revelations and the nuances within an industry. Media analytics is paramount in being able to keep up with audiences.

Through my coursework and corresponding experience, this has become more apparent. It is also evident that the path of public relations and marketing is now founded off a more calculated approach. Media analytics provides substance to what observations you believe are correct, or want to find out more about. Large audiences are now more easily differentiated and their unique characteristics and tendencies can be analyzed to personalize campaigns and marketing messages, which in turn creates a more impactful campaign.

What media analytics provides is a breath of knowledge to a company about a certain audience. With this knowledge, they can begin to understand this audience and produce compelling content. When analytics is at the foundation of your strategic plan, your actions are backed by relevant, quantitative insights. With so many people, ads, and other noise clouding a consumer’s focus while online, media analytics can monitor behaviors to more accurately engage with them. Find a place above the noise.

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