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The Rise of YouTube Influencers

Written by: Carrie Carlisle

Today YouTube boasts 1.8 billion monthly viewers worldwide with the most popular channels making well over 10 million dollars a year. The number of active YouTube accounts has steadily been on the rise since 2014. Throughout the years, not only has YouTube itself gained fame, but influencers on YouTube have been building an audience and gaining followers that support and trust them no matter what- no one seems to be able to bounce back from a scandal like a popular YouTuber.

The connection YouTubers have with their audience is unmatched. Their followers trust them and feel connected to them because more often than not, YouTubers are interacting with their followers more than other influencers seem to. Famous YouTubers are not just posting regular videos where followers are able to get a glimpse into their personal life, but many are now writing books and going on tour which differentiates them from influencers on other platforms. But getting to this point is not easy. You do not become an influencer from getting lucky, a lot of factors go into who becomes successful and who does not. Youtubers have to be extremely dedicated. Posting consistently is the only way to build up a following to begin with. YouTubers also have to find the perfect balance between making themselves different enough to make their mark, and still being relatable. Once this is accomplished gaining a following is just a matter of time for most channels.

Within the past few years, companies have taken particular interest in this form of influencer marketing. Youtube offers a unique environment where not only are influencers able to help sell a certain product, they are masters at directing traffic to a company’s general website. Due to this deep trust viewers have in the YouTubers they follow, the jump between simply thinking about purchasing a product and actually doing it is almost immediate once some see their favorite YouTuber talk about it. Companies have found that once YouTubers talk about their product or brand, people are not just aware of these products, but are actively talking about them themselves.

Another huge plus- YouTubers not only want to work with different companies, they need to. For most YouTubers, the revenue they receive from ads that appear on their channel is not enough to support them. They make the majority of their money from brand deals and sponsorships. This means they are always looking for new companies to work with, and trying to build better relationships with companies they have worked with previously.

Working with YouTube influencers is on the rise and I do not see it slowing down any time soon. With so many positives for both brands and the YouTubers themselves, it seems like a match made in influencer heaven.

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