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How to Utilize Influencers to Grow Your Brand's Awareness

By Hannah Ossip, Account Executive

The power of influencer marketing is undeniable in this day and age. If you’re on social media, you’re most likely following some type of influencer whether you know it or not. Influencer marketing allows you to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness. Throughout my past internships, I’ve had to utilize influencer marketing which has allowed me to see the success of it first hand. While working with influencers throughout my internships, I’ve developed some key takeaways and helpful tips when using influencers to grow your brand's awareness.

Start with finding the right influencers for your campaign. This is important when trying to reach your target audience. Take advantage of your research and your key demographics when trying to find the right influencer to promote your brand or product. Is your key demographic male or female? What age group? What are their interests? This is crucial when finding an influencer that will best reach your audience.

Influencers don’t need millions of followers to reach your target audience. In fact, sometimes the smaller the number of followers, the better. Micro-influencers work because of their authenticity and their ability to be personable. When you see an influencer you trust and follow, you want to be able to relate to that person and see them as, “people like me.” So don’t assume you need an A-list celebrity in order to reach your target audience because that may not always be the case.

For example, Glossier, a skincare brand, prioritizes engagement rates over follower numbers. Glossier identified 500 superfans who could be brand ambassadors. These customers who regularly shop at Glossier, now promoted Glossier’s products to their followers in a real and authentic way. Glossier set itself apart from other brands by using “everyday people” to promote their brand. This strategy helped increase brand awareness and trustworthiness, going to show that micro-influencers do work and it’s time you took advantage of this.

Nothing is more valuable to a brand than word of mouth marketing. It’s real and it’s raw, and it’s what the people want. As word of mouth marketing has evolved with the use of social media, influencers have taken over. Influencers have the power to promote your brand without sounding promotional. This allows influencers to engage with your target audience in a more effective way than the brand itself could. With the use of influencers, micro or macro, your brand could reach new levels of success more than ever before. So if you haven’t already, it’s time you looked into utilizing influencer marketing in your brand tactics.

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