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Everything You Need to Know About Nano-Influencers and Why You Should Utilize Them

By Andi Stebbins, Account Executive

Influencer marketing has become a trusted strategy for many companies to promote their products. One might see a post from your favorite former “Bachelor” star talking about her favorite shirt and think, “wow… I definitely need that.” On a smaller scale, one might see a post from someone from their campus promoting a makeup product he/she loves. This person would be called a nano-influencer, and he/she could be the key to your campaign’s success. 

Nano-influencers resemble everyday people and have usually around 1,000-10,000 followers on the platform you are using. While they may not have millions of followers, nano-influencers typically are followed by like-minded individuals who engage frequently in their content. 

Nano-influencers tend to have extremely high engagement rates on their posts. A study done by HypeAuditor in 2019 showed that nano-influencers have an engagement rate almost twice that of bigger influencers. This is likely due to the fact that most individuals follow nano-influencers because they share interests. These influencers have a close relationship with their followers and are more likely to respond to comments and DMs, all while representing your brand in a positive light. 

Because many nano-influencers connect with their followers on a personal level, followers tend to trust the influencer’s choices on what brands to represent. Many will partner only with companies that they believe in and would endorse without compensation. Followers see this as a huge positive as opposed to big influencers who may partner with hundreds of brands they may not normally represent if money wasn’t involved. 

The nano-influencer creates a niche community with his/her followers, one that your company could take advantage of. Your company will stand out to this niche community as opposed to having your brand lost among the posts of a big influencer. Big influencers tend to have a more diverse following and many followers may not engage with your company at all if it does not interest them. 

Nano-influencers are also extremely cost-effective. Instead of paying an influencer with millions of followers thousands of dollars for one post about your company, nano-influencers will post “more for less”. The average nano-influencer will charge $10-$100 per post, and some may even do it for free products. The company’s return on investment is much higher with nano-influencers than with huge influencers, due to the high engagement with these low costs. The saved money can be used to pay other nano-influencers to expand your audience even more. 

Next time your company wants to promote a product, consider using a nano-influencer or two to increase your engagement and save you money. 

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