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“See My Name”: How A Canadian-based Brewing Company is Increasing Visibility in Women’s Hockey

Written by Jenna Rudolph

On March 5, 2024, Molson Brewery announced a multi-year partnership with the PWHL known as the “See My Name” campaign in hopes to raise recognition of women in hockey. 

Many women in the PWHL have longer hair, and even when tied back, their hair often covers their last name, potentially making the player unrecognizable. On International Women’s Day, Molson launched an updated jersey design with the player’s name at the bottom of the jersey and Molson’s name at the top. 

The 30-second ad for the campaign showcases a slide that reads, “Molson is covering our name so hers can be seen." 

Women have constantly faced a lack of inclusivity and equality when it comes to recognition in sports. According to a  Buick ad campaign celebrating female athletes, women receive less than 10% of total media coverage. Female athletes are used to being unseen in the media. While female hockey players were finally given their own league, their names continued to be unknown within the media due to their hair covering their jerseys. Now, players in the PWHL are able to show off their names loud and proud thanks to Molson’s mission to uplift women in hockey. 

As an avid hockey and NHL fan, I always dreamed of what it would be like to play the game. Attending Tampa Bay Lightning games my whole life, I would picture myself enthralled with the thrill of racing down the ice and the rush of slamming the puck into the back of the net. However, when I was growing up, there was never any representation of women playing hockey, ultimately leading to my discouragement. When the PWHL was announced for the first time, I released a sigh of relief, knowing that women in hockey were finally given the recognition they deserved.

It is incredibly important for women to have role models in the media for them to look up to. Whether it is in a movie, a television show, sports, or a commercial, little girls deserve a public figure to help them aspire towards their dreams. Who knows, maybe if I had seen an ad such as this one when I was 10 years old, I could have been out there shredding the ice with some of the most inspiring women in sports. 

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