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Coachella: More Than A Music Festival

Written by Lena Gunn

Media Analytics Executive

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is known for its stellar lineup, with this year’s headliners being Lana Del Ray, Tyler, The Creator, and Doja Cat. With music still at its core, Coachella has become a melting pot for fashion, art, and new technology, but most importantly, a marketing paradise for brands. 

Coachella is known for its celebrity sightings and brand activations that dominate social media feeds. Brands have recognized the festival’s popularity and have taken full advantage of the attention it brings. From brands having exclusive parties and product placements, brands are constantly pushing the envelope to capture festive goers and create a buzz for millions of people online. In previous years, brands such as Aperol Spritz, Revolve, and Clinique have all gotten in on the action. 

Aperol Spritz 

In 2023, Aperol Spritz made its Coachella debut by being one of the official sponsors. Festival attendees were invited to “Join The Vibe.” They wanted to transport festival-goers to an Italian oasis. Aperol provided complimentary beverages, aesthetically pleasing photo opportunities, and brand ambassadors on-site to educate festival attendees on what makes the perfect Aperol Spritz. 


The Revolve Festival is an annual party hosted by Revolve, a high-end fashion retailer. The party happens the first weekend of Coachella. It is known for its celebrity and influencer appearances, such as in the roles of Shay Mitchell, David Dobrik, Charli D’Amelio,Emma Roberts, and many more. Though separate from the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the Revolve Festival, remains one of the most talked about parties during the weekend. 


Clinique hosted its first-ever hydration house pop-up party at Coachella in 2023. The party was the official kick-off of Clinique’s “Protect Your Glow” campaign, highlighting the brand’s Moisture Surge products. Clinique invited guests to beat the heat with a pool party and skincare-inspired events. Clinique also offered attendees photo opportunities, free products, and performances by Coco & Breezy, DJ Tay James, and Brittany Sky.

Every brand has a unique way of marketing at Coachella. As the Event continues to evolve, brands will adapt and innovate to stand out in the increasingly competitive landscape. As festival season is upon us, I am excited to see the creative ways brands stand out.

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