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This is Us

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Written by: Account Executive, Brooke Galonek


This is Us, NBC’s latest primetime success, has been known to hit every mark on the spectrum of emotion; sadness, joy and pride for a family struggling with problems a lot of people can identify with. It is a show that self-promotes because of its loyal and passionate fan base. However, the show and its actors have both used social media as a tool to further promote the show and engage viewers.

The official This is Us social media outlets have been consistently gaining followers since its debut, with over 300k on Twitter and over 800k on Instagram. The hashtag, #ThisIsUS, has been a consistent attachment used in all of their posts. The show also utilizes gifs to highlight key scenes in episodes. In the age of instantaneity, the show also tweets out full clips, usually nearing five minutes. This allows viewers to easily re-watch the clips, or watch scenes they might have missed.

The show is also personified by the way social media managers respond to fans’ tweets. The responses range from reflecting on the happiest moments, to acknowledging the grief felt after the tear-jerking Super Bowl episode depicting Jack’s gut-wrenching death. These responses help make viewers know they are not alone in their feelings. The show also retweets art and graphics that viewers create of the show and its characters.

On Instagram, the show and the actors are always sharing photos from set, as well as short video promos. The most memorable promo was of Milo Ventimiglia, the actor that plays Jack. In the promo, Ventimiglia urges viewers to come together for the Super Bowl and the latest episode. In the end, he makes peace with the cause of his death (SPOILER ALERT), a Crock-Pot, and eats chili out of it. The hashtag, #CrockPotInnocent, appeared at the end of the promo on a blank screen. This promo came as a response to a plethora of aggressive tweets from fans, taking their sadness out on the common household item, the Crock-Pot.

The actors and actresses in This is Us also contribute to promoting the show by posting on their personal Twitter and Instagram pages. Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, is the most prominent on her socials. She tweets behind-the-scenes photos, pictures with fellow cast members, and clips from trailers. Because the cast members are so invested in the show, the relationships pop off screen and into reality.

This is Us is a show, at its core, about people. In this way, it is fitting that the show projects the characters not as mere cookie-cutter stereotypes, but as people. Social media platforms allow the show’s characters to interact with viewers that watch it every week: the same viewers who feel all the same pain, grief, love and happiness that This is Us’ TV family experiences.

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