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Celebrity Endorsements vs. Influencer Marketing

By Juan Hernandez, Account Executive

Before the world of influencers, many products were advertised through celebrity endorsements. While they still are, the rise of social media and influencers has increased in the past years, and endorsements have gotten more complicated. While influencers share a similar status to celebrities, endorsements from both sides come with their own benefits and drawbacks that range from prices to impact.

Firstly, both celebrity endorsements and influencers have their own prices and production value. Celebrities tend to cost more to endorse a product because you have to pay them to be in an ad or endorse your product, and then you have to pay for the production of that ad. On the other hand, influencers are already content creators which means that if you ask them to endorse a product, they can create their own post and a company would just have to pay for the endorsement.

Secondly, celebrities are able to get bigger impacts. Celebrities tend to be famous because of their shows, movies, and music which gives them a big name and a lot of fame. Because of this, they are able to reach a large audience. This is where influencers tend to fall short. Since they haven’t been able to grab the status of a celebrity, their audiences aren’t as large. This doesn’t make them ineffective though. Influencers are known for their expertise, which makes them perfect for promoting products to specific targets. 

Lastly, celebrities and influencers come with their own form of trust from their audiences. Because influencers have built their careers on being experts on a specific subject, they are trusted in their field. When they endorse a product, their audience knows that the product is good and is more likely to buy something based on influencer recommendations. Contrarily, celebrities may not be able to get all of their audience to trust them. Some celebrities may be seen as inauthentic when endorsing products that don’t align with their career. This, in turn, makes people not trust their endorsements and not buy the products. That is why a company must also do some prior research to find out which celebrities hold their same values, which allows customers to trust them more.

In the end, what truly matters is the product at hand. If you are trying to sell a brand or clothing, celebrities are probably a better choice. They will be more expensive, but it will get a larger audience to talk about it and consider the brand. If you are trying to sell something specific like lotion or makeup, you would want to use an influencer that people trust and are in that specific field. That way, people who would actually buy the product will see the product.

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