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How Companies Can Use Brandwatch to Further Social Listening Skills

By: Grace Tiedge, Media Analytics Executive

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence company that serves as a social media listening tool. Social media listening can be used to better understand what people are saying about your company on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. “Queries” are used on Brandwatch to find keywords or phrases throughout social media. You can link keywords and search for multiple words or phrases in one query. Results are found immediately and range from all over the internet. You can use specific functions to refine your search or include multiple keywords in your search.

Brandwatch can be an imperative tool for competitor analysis. Using the “query” and “categories” tools, you can include other competitors and keywords in your company name search to tailor your search in the most effective way possible.

Using the query you have created, you are also able to compile a dashboard of your data that creates a detailed and customized view. Within the dashboard, you can also search within a certain time frame. One example use of the dashboard is to see specific numbers of how you compare with your competitors. You can choose to show the numbers side by side or create graphs to describe things like “mentions over time” and see how they overlap. Using specific tools and “categories” functions, you can also categorize your findings and see specific types of content your keywords and company have come up in (e.g., blogs, Twitter feeds, specific social media profiles.) Brandwatch also allows you to look at sentiment, trending topics from the data your search has compiled, and segments demographics by gender, professions, and interests.

Using Brandwatch effectively can further drive research for your company in a way unlike other platforms. Brandwatch allows you to look at content through a very specific lens that you create. By creating and looking at your and others’ content through this lens, you can see how your consumer thinks and listens and consumes your content. This allows your company to create a more unique brand voice that stands out from competitors.

Social listening is imperative to understand the way others are mentioning your company on various platforms. Brandwatch takes SEO to another level and allows you to look at the way you are being mentioned from another perspective and make meaningful insight about it. Competitor analysis also helps understand your competitors viewpoint and methodology, and gives insight to how your company could improve and what your company is doing right.

Brandwatch gives your brand an advantage unlike others. This tool can improve your company in ways you might never have thought about. Understanding your audience and the way they interact with social media will continuously be key for success in any company or industry.

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