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Recycling Video Content: How to Create More for Social Media

By Jazmin Bender, Creative Content Producer

Creating content for social media can be daunting, especially when it comes to video. Every social media platform has its own style and format that is best for engagement. This can make the process of producing high quality videos stressful.

But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to take advantage of a single shoot, and create videos for various social media platforms to increase the overall reach of the content while reusing what is already on hand.

Easy Ways to Recycle your Content:

Now that you know what videos do the best on each platform, here are some of the easiest tips to get you started on recycling your content.

1. Reframe

Video content is often in the standard 16:9 format. This is great for viewing on TV, laptops or other large devices. But this is not the case for mobile devices.

One of the easiest ways to reuse your content is to reframe the format for the specific platform.

The most popular format is the Square Video, 1:1 or the Reverse Standard, 9:16.

2. Shorten

As we learned, each platform requires different lengths of videos. The best way to do this is to shorten the videos based on where it will be shared.

The great thing about this is that long videos can be shortened into multiple smaller videos which means more content!

By shortening the original video into smaller videos, the content not only has a better chance of having a better social media reach, but creates more content to be shared!

Here is a Quick Guide to the Best Video Type for Each Social Media Platforms:

Youtube = Personal and Informational

Youtube is known to be the home of videos. Users turn to Youtube to get information or to be entertained.

This is the best platform to “house” full video content.

Twitter = Shorter Version of Youtube

Twitter is another platform that users tend to go to for information or to engage on a certain topic. This makes it a great place to post the main idea or take away from the original video.

A shorter and more concise version of the full video will do the best on Twitter.

Facebook = Short, Sweet and Concise Videos

Facebook users are drawn to shorter videos that appear in their feed.

Since videos on Facebook begin to play without sound until the viewer opens it, it's important to draw their attention within the first few seconds utilizing text and visuals.

Instagram = Visuals

Instagram users tend to be drawn in by the more artistic visuals that videos offer.

The more visually engaging videos that are posted, the more likely viewers will go and watch more.

Instagram Hack: Not only can videos be shortened for an instagram post, but thanks to the different video options, they can also be recycled into reels, IGTV, and stories.

3. Blogs and Podcasts

Some videos can also be turned into blog posts for people to read or podcasts for people to listen to. This allows the original content to be dispersed to other platforms that aren’t specifically for video.

Reusing video content can not only create more engagement with the current audience, but can also improve the overall reach of the content.

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John Wood
John Wood
Feb 27, 2023

You forgot to mention the video converter. My phone only supports mp4 video format. I had to convert the video to mp4 from my computer, using a conversion program I found here. I think many of your readers will find it useful.

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