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Have a Passion? Blog About It

By Nicole Toler, Account Executive

Do you ever find yourself endlessly scrolling through food Instagrams, Cosmopolitan, fitness accounts, fashion websites, or even searching for the best places to travel? You may not realize it at the time, but all those addictive platforms you can’t stop looking at are blogs.

What even is a blog?

Many people used to have the assumption that blogging was only for the professional world; that blogs were only published on an informational website as written entries. However, that old misconception is in the past.

In today’s era of increasing social media and networking, blogs have been able to take any shape and form. They can be as simple as a fitness TikTok, where a user posts daily workouts and health grinds, or they can be written pieces where the writer focuses on the best beauty hacks. No matter the blog, they all have one thing in common: a way to showcase expertise or passion.

Things to consider:

The best blogs are the ones that catch your attention from the get-go. They can be the ones with a clever header that catches your attention or pictures that bring your curiosity to the next level.

You might think you aren’t the best person for the job. But even I can tell you, that's wrong. Everyone has different passions, hobbies, or interests that can be perfect for blogs. What do you enjoy doing in your free time - is it cooking, traveling, hiking, fashion, reading?

Finding that perfect blog niche for yourself is about combining something you know a lot about and making sure it's something other people want to know more about.

According to Productive Blogging, the most successful blogs solve problems. No matter the topic, if your blog can give answers to viewers, the more successful you will be. Examples include how to lose weight, where to shop on a budget, acne solutions, the best gluten-free recipes… the problems that need to be solved are endless.

Finding your niche is the hardest part. After that, it’s all about researching and preparing. You want to make sure your blogs stand out from similar ones. You need to determine the aesthetic of your blog and constantly brainstorm new topic ideas.

Once you determine the essentials, hoan in on your creativity. Blogging is meant to be fun, for you and your audience!

Why you should become a blogger:

Blogging can be a personal, professional, or financial window for you. The best part about it is that the choice is up to you. In terms of its benefit, a Huffington Post article explains that blogging can help to promote yourself as well as build rapport and engagement.

Creating a blog platform is a great way to build an online presence. It can enhance your resume, open new doors, or even allow you to meet new people.

From a personal perspective, blogging can help you gain confidence and is a great writing experience. It can be a chance for you to be your own boss, market yourself, and allow for self-growth. The list of benefits continues.

Blogging gives you a chance to tell your story. Take advantage of the online world and express yourself.

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