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Marketing a Brand on Social Media

Written by Angelina Giallella

Account Executive

Whether it be Snapchatting a friend, scrolling on TikTok, or posting a picture on Instagram, Social Media is something that everyone now uses in their day-to-day life. Social media platforms are now also a huge way a company can promote themselves and their products. It has taken some time for it to be taken seriously but it is now a crucial part of marketing.

This new way of marketing allows for a new form of business and also allows companies to create a better brand identity on these platforms. Companies can be strategic when posting making sure to use the same font, color, and work to make posts align with their brand. This helps with marketing their product as their customers are more likely to recognize the company. It also helps the company reach its target audience its targeted audience by using certain social media platforms. If a company is targeting older generations it might use Facebook as its main form of social media whereas a company trying to target a younger generation might use TikTok or Instagram as its main social media platform.

Companies now also use influencers to promote their brands and products. This is another great way that companies can use social media as these influencers have strong audiences and trust these influencers much like they trusted the YouTubers they used to watch. Forbes wrote in an article the benefits of using influencers and social media to market products. Influencers can promote a product or company by doing sponsorships, brand deals, and even discount codes. These influencers are the new way to promote and market products.

It is also important to keep in mind as new social media platforms come into the picture they might push out older social media platforms. Before TikTok companies relied on YouTube advertisements to get to targeted audiences but since TikTok has come into the picture many people do not use YouTube how they used to. YouTube was used for product recommendations or recipe ideas but now TikTok is where most people find those recommendations.

Companies like Mrs. Myers, a cleaning company, have put social media links on their website that display real-time Facebook wall posts and videos that are on social media about Thelma Myers who the company is named after. Using social media to put advertisements on social media feeds allows customers to look and have thoughts in the back of their minds when shopping.

Another example of a company using social media as a marketing tool is Airbnb. Airbnb uses Instagram for most of its marketing and is known for using its social media platforms effectively. Showing posts of people's home away from home makes their posts beautiful and relaxing, which is what the brand pushes for. AirBnB uses influencers to promote their company by taking them to AirBnB where the influencers can make content promoting the company. The company is also known for responding to complaints and questions very quickly which is another way it uses social media effectively.

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