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The City of Angels

Written by Halli Harwood

Branding Executive

Los Angeles was my home in the summer of 2023. As a participant in Elon in LA, I had the opportunity to live, learn, and intern in the entertainment capital of the world for two months. Without a doubt, Elon in LA was the best experience of my life.

I decided to take the non traditional route and participate in the program as a rising sophomore. Not only did I want to discover if the fast-paced city life was for me, but I also wanted to take the summer to determine whether or not strategic communications was the right major. After having the opportunity to take a class about PR in the Entertainment Industry and interning with a communications and marketing agency in downtown LA, I can happily say that I have declared the right major and am so excited to continue learning about all aspects of the industry in the next three years at Elon.

In deciding to go so early in my college career, I really didn’t know anyone else in the program, as the rest of the participants were rising juniors and seniors. Using this opportunity as a clean slate, I met so many people with different backgrounds and aspirations and made some of my closest friends. I lived in an apartment with theater students and enjoyed the spontaneous singing.On top of that, I absolutely loved having the opportunity to star in short scenes my cinema and television arts friends were filming throughout the summer.

However, the first day was rough and I owe it completely to my roommate for getting me through my first 24 hours in the city. After inviting me to the rooftop on the first night, the rooftop became my favorite place, with the view of the city, the Hollywood Sign, and Griffith Observatory. That night, my roommate became my best friend and we only grew closer throughout the summer, with late night work sessions, debriefs, and Taco Bell runs.

Without a doubt, my internship was my favorite part of the summer, as I was an communications intern for BOLD Communications and Marketing. As BOLD is a boutique agency, I had hands-on experiences when working with our clients, including Keen Footwear, Head Sportswear, Rodeo Drive, and more, while working directly with a small team on all aspects of event production and creation. Through this experience, I vastly improved upon my photography, social media, and Adobe skills, all of which are extremely valuable in the industry. I am proud to share that I now hold a remote freelance position with BOLD, as the editorial director of the Berlin-Los Angeles digital space where I have the opportunity to share the stories of community members that have a connection between the wonderful cities of Berlin and Los Angeles.

I found my best friend in LA. I found my home in LA. I found myself in LA. I am so excited to return.

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