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Three Leadership Brands and Their Importance in Today’s Advertisements

By Jack Taylor, Account Executive

In today’s world, advertisements are everywhere. With so many different organizations and products, it can often be difficult to make a choice due to the vast oversaturation going on in the market. A leadership brand is a brand that sets the pace and the bar when it comes to advertising. These are the “pacemakers” in the industry and create the work that people revere. These brands stand above and beyond the crowd as a strong option worthy of the consumer’s time. Three of them in particular have had a strong impact on today’s advertising as leaders within their sectors, and this blog post will take a chance to look at why that is.

1. Apple

Technology is generally desirable within the public eye, but Apple does things a bit differently to stand out amongst their competition. They focus more on their “why”, rather than their “what.”

By that, I mean they are much more rooted within their purpose instead of the products they are creating. This concept is heavily discussed in Simon Sinek’s TedTalk titled “How great leaders inspire action” and utilizes The Golden Circle model, starting from the “why” and working their way out to the “what.” Apple is successful in this way of thinking, making them a big leadership brand on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

2. Nike

From strong taglines like “Just Do It” to creative advertisements in conjunction with current events, Nike pushes the envelope with what they put out into the world, and they don’t apologize for it. For example, they took a risk by partnering with Colin Kapernick even though his social movement has prompted a lot of division and conversation within athletic communities. This goes to show their brave leadership even further as they maintain maintain their beliefs in the face of opposition.

3. Dove

Out of the three mentioned in this post, Dove is probably the most surprising. Why Dove?

They were one of the first to utilize their platform for something greater than themselves. While Apple may talk about their why, Dove connected their platform to the idea of beauty and took the time to help demonstrate that beauty can take many forms. They still do that to this day, and have inspired other organizations to create messaging around bigger world themes as well.

In conclusion, these three strong companies are compelling and recognizable; you can identify their advertising strength and presence with ease while also being compelled by the product. This is a rare combination to come by, and so it’s important to look to them in order to see how we can better leave our mark within society as communications officials.

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