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Why PR may be your Perfect Career That You Never Knew Existed

Written by Claudia Brown

Account Executive

Many hear the words “public relations” and think of publicity. Here’s what PR really is and why PR may be your perfect career you never knew existed.

Public relations skills really apply to any industry. This makes it easy for individuals with varying interests to pursue an exciting career in PR. You can work in PR in sports, fashion, beauty, healthcare, music, entertainment, food, travel, corporate, finance, technology, and non-profit communication, among many other industries.

The definition of public relations is constantly evolving, but is currently defined as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics,” according to the Public Relations Society of America. Simply put, PR helps to create and maintain a positive image for businesses and brands. Traditional PR used to be mostly about publicity (media relations and writing press materials). These skills are still important, but with constantly changing digital technologies, PR professionals now work to develop integrated marketing communication campaigns using social media, analytics, strategic writing, advertising, marketing and many other strategies to reach audiences.

A specific degree in public relations or communications is great, but not required. Employers are more looking for individuals with certain qualities. Careers in PR are well suited for individuals who are detail-oriented, imaginative, understand the value of relationships, stay up-to-date on media trends, and are strong communicators. If you have these qualities or interests, then you should consider pursuing a career in PR.

When working in PR, no day is ever the same. So if sitting at a computer all day and doing repetitive, routine work doesn’t appeal to you, turn to PR. Working in public relations means you will constantly be solving problems with innovative solutions–leaving no room to ever be bored at work.

There are many ways to work in PR, including “in-house” for a company, in government, at a non-profit, or at agencies that represent different clients and industries. At both agencies and corporations, PR professionals complete tasks like developing media lists, writing pitches, creating and publishing social media content, working with influencers, planning events and product launches, collaborating with designers and marketers on multimedia projects, as well as a variety of other tasks and responsibilities.

Need more reasons to pursue a PR career? Public relations is ranked as the #1 Best Creative & Media Career by U.S. News & World Report and is one of the nation’s fastest growing fields. According to Provoke Media, global PR grew 9% last year at the top 250 PR firms. With companies and brands always needing creative ways to reach audiences and public relations agencies seeking strong employees, there are endless opportunities to find a great career in PR.

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