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The Power of Images

Written by: Account Executive, Anna Diffley

Images control our entire world. They entertain, teach and represent. As humans continue to evolve, this love of images may potentially stem from an-ever decreasing attention span, which a recent report has compared to one of a fish. These days, for a consumer, looking at an image is far more entertaining than reading a blurb or caption. If a company is able to encompass its essence in one simple photo, then it is participating in one of the best marketing tactics to exist. A post on social media including an image is 10 times more likely to garner engagement. In addition, the human brain is able to process images up to 60,000 times faster than text.

Brands often find success when they have an image associated with them. Images are easily recognized, and since brand recognition is something to strive for, the more imagery used the better. Images can transcend language barriers. If a brand is trying to expand internationally, then having an image that can be understood across many different cultures is a huge benefit. Images, in a way, can be their own international language. Images act as a way to summarize a complicated concept and support information or research. For example, if a medical company wants to convey a complicated concept, it is possible that using an infographic or image will be the most helpful way to allow the largest population to get a grasp on the idea. Not only is it more fun to look at, but it also makes consumers or patients feel like they have a better understanding of the company or institution. For consumers or patients, it is empowering to feel as though they fully understand something, because it allows them to make an educated decision on whether to purchase an item or service.

In Berkeley, California, there is a group of students running a non-profit organization called Pedi-Ed, where members are dedicated to helping children understand their own health through interactive images and videos. Through this technology, Pedi-Ed is helping to fill the knowledge gap between the conditions that children are facing and whether the children understand the condition or not. Organizations like this prove the power of visual images. Images educate, empower, entertain, and serve as a significant supplement to any company or institution’s marketing plan.

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