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How to Find a Healthy Work/Life Balance as a Social Media Intern

By: Bella Adinolfi, Account Executive

Outside of the public relations and advertising industries, there is a misconception that managing social media accounts is an easy job because “all you do is post pictures.” Managing social media accounts can be very overwhelming at times. There is a strategic plan behind every graphic that is posted along with the caption that is attached. In addition, there are other elements that you have to think about including the target audience and what time(s) and day(s) are best for posting.

Even after publishing to social media, your job doesn’t end there. Depending on the company you are posting for, you might have to constantly interact with followers to keep them engaged. Aside from the logistical aspects of posting to social media, you also have to keep up to date with social media trends, world news, and industry news.

The job of managing social media never seems to end because social media never sleeps. It is difficult to take a step back because your phone and email are both getting bombarded with notifications. It is important to remember even if you manage social media for work, it doesn’t have to consume your life. You deserve breaks from social media when you’re not on the clock. Here are four tips to help find a healthy work/life balance as a social media intern:

1. Create boundaries and set goals.

Creating boundaries and setting goals for yourself is the first step to finding a healthy work/life balance. By doing this, you are keeping yourself accountable for your decisions. An example of a goal could be only using social media for personal reasons on the weekends.

2. Schedule downtime on your electronic devices.

Social media can be a 24/7 job but it doesn’t have to be. Apple has a setting where you can limit the time usage of any of your apps. On your days off, utilize this feature to limit your social media use. To learn how to schedule downtime in Apple products, click here.

3. Participate in activities that don’t require an electronic device.

Outside of work, when you find the urge to check social media, consider doing an activity that doesn’t require you to look at your phone. Group activities are a perfect way to distract yourself from the neverending world of social media. If your phone is out of sight, it’ll be out of mind!

4. Don’t check social media right before you go to sleep.

Checking social media right before you go to sleep is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while attempting to achieve a healthy work/life balance. According to the Sleep Foundation, excessive use of social media close to bedtime can reduce sleep quality and increase the risk of a multitude of sleep issues.

At the end of the day, we always want to put time and effort into our work, but you have the choice to make work/life balance a priority. Take care of yourself because there is downtime in this profession if you decide to take advantage of it.

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