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How Brands Can Utilize Tik Tok to Effectively Communicate to their Audiences

By: Erin Foley, Account Executive

It is no secret that TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world and quickly becoming a key player in the creation of trends and challenges. The popular video streaming platform recently reached the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users, putting the app in the top 5 of the most used social media platforms.

Thanks to the increase in app downloads, TikTok is becoming a great platform for brands to push ads and communicate to their audiences. The app clearly appeals to Gen-Z and younger generations, but there is something everyone can enjoy thanks to the algorithm that is specifically curated to each user’s interests.

Some of the ways brands can start communicating with their audiences on TikTok include:

  1. Create a brand account

  2. Create hashtag challenges

  3. Appeal to a specific audience

  4. Encourage consumers to create videos with your brand’s products

1. Create an account for your brand

The obvious way to begin communicating with an audience is for a brand to create their own TikTok account. This has been increasingly popular with app users. Through funny videos, using trending audios, hashtags or try-on hauls, many brands are finding their stride on the video streaming platform. Successful brands on TikTok include Chipotle, The Washington Post, Netflix, Saturday Night Live, and the NBA, just to name a few.

2. Create hashtag challenges

Another way for brands to communicate with their audience is through hashtag challenges. This encourages consumers to create their own videos that allow them to get creative and generates more attention for the brand. One of the first brands to collaborate directly with TikTok was GUESS. The challenge created was GUESS’ #InMyDenim challenge. The challenge started as sponsored posts for well-known influencers that quickly caught on with other users that were inspired to show off their denim. This hashtag earned over 40 million views and is just one of the many examples of a successful hashtag challenge that inspires engagement with users.

3. Appeal to a specific audience

Being that TikTok has a mostly younger audience, it can be imperative that brands find a way to appeal to that audience. One brand that has been successful in generating millions of views is the production company, Lionsgate. The company has been posting videos that appeal to “Gen-Z humor.” Some examples of this include edits from the movies Twilight and Knives Out. Although these videos are not for new movies, this is a smart move from Lionsgate. Once their videos are interacted with enough times, it will be pushed to the “For You Page,” a curated algorithm that is based on each user’s preferences. This will cause people to check out the account and see all the videos created for newer movies and will then create peaked interest in movies that are being released soon.

4. Encourage consumers to create videos with your brand’s products

Finally, one more way brands can communicate with their audiences is to encourage “try-on hauls.” Try-on videos are successful and can be a great way for brands to earn an audience’s attention without ever creating a video themselves. Many users on the app are easily swayed by how an outfit is worn in someone’s video and will run to purchase the item before it sells out, something that Tik Tok is well known for accomplishing. Interacting with user’s videos will also draw attention to the brand because the action shows that brands care about their consumers.

As Tik Tok continues to grow its popularity, brands should definitely consider joining in on the fun. This is a great opportunity to reach a whole new audience on a global scale. Maybe your brand will be the next big #trend.

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Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith
Aug 23, 2023

Tik Tok is really a great tool for creating communication with your audience. The main thing is to use this tool correctly, make a content plan and take care of the quality of the content. I advise you to take a look at this article, here you can find useful tools for creating cool video clips

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